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Leadership Team Meeting – October 2017

October 9, 2017 6:30-9:00 pm at the Ministry Center

Present:  Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Ron Takacs, Jason Seiberlich, Jim Kehoe, Jeff Guenther, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began with a devotion based on Psalm 124.  Here, we are encouraged that the Lord is always on our side.  Even though God’s church is always under attack, God will always deliver us from our enemies.  If God is for us, who can be against us!

Worship Update: From Jason: Paul Mattek from Design Fugitives was out to the sanctuary with Nancy, Ron, and myself to talk through some final tweaks and design for our wall art project.  He was pretty confident that, due to some issues with prior projects, a Thanksgiving reveal is out of the question; however, he does believe that we should be able to do a Christmas reveal.  Due to the design and integration into our system, we will be going with the more expensive and colored lighting option.  He indicated that to do what is required to have it integrated into our lighting board, to have colored lights is only slightly more expensive, so may as well do that.  I had Todd Boese (electrician) out to the sanctuary to discuss where and how we can connect the art into our current power grid and control wiring.  He gave two options: one that would go through the back panel on the wall and one (and what Todd recommended) coming in from the existing wiring from the ceiling.  Nancy and I provided the final light control zones that we wanted on Wednesday (10/4) so that they can get the ball rolling on design.  For sure it has been handed off to their wiring designer.  No additional information on how their other projects are coming along in terms of where we fall in line at this time.  There are still some items (at least I believe) that will need to be followed up on when we get to the installation phase, but final design and construction have either started or will start soon.  We had also told him to start immediately on the furniture pieces.

Nancy and I have been having discussions on how best to utilize funding to improve not only the A/V type items but also our licenses/etc. to be able to distribute our worship music if desired.  Given our budget is tight overall we will wait more until the end of the fiscal, see what’s available, and determine how best to utilize the funds at that point.

Spoke briefly with Karl and he seemed pretty happy with how things were going with respect to the usher crew.  Didn’t have any concerns.  I told him to email me if he thought of anything good or bad he wanted to share.

From Pastor Ben: Guest musician Stephen Bautista and his family will be leading worship at VotL on Oct 29 both services. A door offering will be taken for him. A vendor table will be set up to sell CDs, etc.

Outreach Update: From Pastor Ben: 57 participants registered for Friday evening Oct 13 Praise and Proclaim training. 19 so far registered to also go out into the community on Sat Oct 14.  125 Prospects plus 1,250 homes receiving gospel centered postcards.

Friday, Oct 20 Family Movie night – SING! We will primarily use email and social media to promote targeting families.

Still working on a revision of our core curriculum to go along with our new membership / discipleship path: Explore. Grow. Discover. Engage. Trying out components throughout Oct-Nov-Dec and hoping to roll out in Jan 2018.

“Victory Kids Kit” for Country Dale Elementary School successful. Tremendously swift and generous response from our church family. Looking forward to more opportunities in the future.

Sat Dec 9th we will be having a Christmas For Kids event at the ministry center. Cassy organizing.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project with Christ-St Peter date set for Tue Dec 19.

Discipleship Update: New members: 9-17-17 Paul and Erica Koester

New Start – Small Group Leaders Meeting – a small group for leaders to encourage them in the word and also give training.

Fellowship Update:  Oct 21 Rake&Run – our student groups Quest (grades 9-12) and Confirmation students (grades 6-8) will join forces to help homeowners in our community with fall yard work. Oct 20 Family Movie night, Nov 5 Reformation 500 Festival Service at the Miller High Life Theater, Nov 22 Thanksgiving Eve Service at 6:30 pm with pie social like last year.

Stewardship Update: From Jim V:

Just a quick update for Q1.
General Fund  $96,632
MTB $28,273
Tuititon Assist: $50
Land/BLDG $2,053
OJC $58

The Leadership Team approved VOTL’s Guiding Principles Document which includes the Mission Principle – where we’re going; Boundary Principle – how we’ll get there; and Accountability Principle – evaluating if we’re there yet.  This document will help guide us as we work to set forth a 3-5 year vision for VOTL in 2018.  Copies of the Guiding Principles document will be made available at the ministry center for any member who wishes to read it.

Our civil engineer shared some of his ideas as far as possible future expansion on the current property of VOTL.  His plans show the potential for an expansion of 28,000 additional square footage that could be used for building at VOTL.  This is just a quick look at what could be available at the current property.  No other plans have been discussed.

The Safety Team for VOTL has been formed.  It is being led by Jon Johnson.  A meeting was held this month to schedule and develop policies.

Two new staffing positions are continuing to be discussed.  Job descriptions are being developed for a potential Office Manager and Creative Communications Specialist.  Each would be developed for at least a 3 year position. Potential grant funding is being explored.

Where do we picture VOTL in the future?  The Leadership Team continues to work on measurable 3 year and 5 year plans.  Pastor Ben initiated a conversation with DMB chairman Mark Wagner about possible daughter congregation / multi-site involvement in the future in connection with the upcoming Foxconn development in Mt Pleasant. All just very initial conversations. As we put together a vision these are things we will look to get congregational feedback on.

The Leadership Team continues to analyze the times of our church services.  They will remain at the current time slots, and we will address this issue again at the end of the year. Worship attendance has been down overall although attendance between each service has evened out. Pastor Ben to also seek staff feedback over the next couple months.

Next Leadership Team Meeting will be November 13th.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844 Jay Justmann 414-507-4548 Ron Takacs 414-510-4805 Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805 Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951 Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192 Jim Kehoe  Pastor Ben Kuerth 414-403-3275 Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757