Leadership Team Minutes – April 2020

Leadership Team Minutes – April 2020

April 2020 Leadership Team Meeting

Date/Time/Location: April 13, 2020, 6:30pm via Zoom

Present: Pastor Bill, Pastor Ben, Jacob Guenther, Jeff Guenther, Jim Vogel, Ronald Takacs, Jason Seiberlich, JoJo Moore, Kevin Rasmussen

Guest: Jim Guenther


Pastor Bill led a devotion to encourage the Leadership Team to concentrate on God’s goodness, lean in on God, put our hope in God, and remember that God’s plan is good.


Insurance Policy

Jim Guenther gave a presentation on our insurance policy.   Renewal is in August with State Farm.  Jim will shop for alternative quotes.

Financial Update

Our financial manager, Laura, has closed the month of March and is reviewing the accounts.

Offerings are trending up and Victory has 95 recurring online givers.  Victory has received over $200,000 in the last 90 days via online giving.

Ministry leaders are still in the process of submitting their budget requests to Pastor Bill.

Online Worship

We had 800 devices log in for our Sunday Easter services, as well as 125 devices for our Saturday worship for Easter weekend.  We will be moving forward with 5:00pm worship on Saturday, along with our two Sunday services.

Victory Stories

Isolation has opened the doors for people to invite others to worship online. Victory is averaging 650 devices each weekend.  Estimates from church researchers indicate that 2.6 people per device are in attendance, and this means we are reaching nearly 2000 people each weekend.

This week, Victory delivered lunch to the urgent care and primary care staff at Aurora-St. Luke’s Medical Center.


Ministry Center – Parking Lot Expansion

Four out of six of the bids are for the complete project. Three of the bids need to be revised to include curbing and the gutter. Ron will follow up to see if prices will be adjusted again and will email his findings to the Leadership Team.


Community Outreach

Social Media has been a huge tool utilized to reach people so far during the stay-at-home order. Victory ran an ad for Easter that resulted in reaching more than 11,000 people, with a lot of these people being reached due to members and friend of Victory sharing the content.

Neighborhood Parties are an initiative that Kristi Sebald is working on. The intent of this project is to provide people with the opportunity to build relationships with their neighbors through financially supporting these get-togethers. LINKED will financially support this project.

Small Groups

A couple of small groups have been meeting online. We want to continue small group leaders to find ways to stay connected with their members digitally.

Connecting with Members

The team discussed breaking up our approximately 600 members into 12 groups of about 50 people to promote contact and communication within the congregation. Each group would have a guide/leader to keep the group connected. Callers have already reached out to groups to check in and will plan on doing another round of calls soon. The Leadership Team will be looking to create a group of leaders to continue this connection on a consistent basis. This would also help our church identify areas that we can improve in reaching people.

Digital Communication & Tools

We are in a digital world, and right now digital is one of the few avenues we have to reach people.  Where do we need to concentrate our efforts? Let’s re-imagine our opportunities. Look at trends and other churches/organizations.  Look into our culture and community for people– and look for opportunities. The Leadership Team will be looking to create a group of people, both inside and outside the church, to help us explore how we can expand digitally to reach people with Jesus.


Next meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844                     Jake Guenther 858-373-7816
Ron Takacs 414-510-4805                  Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805
Kevin Rasmussen 262-332-1184       Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192
Jojo Moore 414-839-8946                  Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757
Pastor Ben Sadler 414-380-2090