Leadership Team Update – July 2018

Leadership Team Update – July 2018

July 2018 Leadership Team Meeting

Date/Time/Location: July 9, 2018 6:30-9:00pm at the Ministry Center

Present:  Jim Vogel, Ron Takacs, Jim Kehoe, Jeff Guenther, Jason Seiberlich, Pastor Bill, Steve Abramowski (Phone)


Our meeting began with a devotion based on Psalm 136.  Here, we are reminded what God has given to us, and that we should : “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good”. He has given us everything even though we are not deserving, “For His mercy endures forever.”.

Victory Stories

  • Soccer Camp: This event was well-run once again with 170 kids.  15 children did not have church homes listed on their profiles, so keep them and our outreach efforts in your prayers.
  • 4th of July Parade: We handed out VotL wristbands and candy. The wristbands seemed to be a big hit.
  • The Guest House: After Father’s Day, we dropped off men’s items and $250 to this men’s homeless shelter.
  • Online Viewership: The number of people joining church online is up over last year; we are having 30+ computers logging in every Sunday.
  • Generosity: We finished the fiscal year a little more than 8% over planned offerings. God is great!

Topics of Discussion

  • Focus Groups: Sammi to begin a focus group to get ideas on social media, community outreach, etc. This is slated for September.  
  • Evaluation of Ministries: Discussed evaluating what we are doing in all areas of VotL, with a focus of:  Is what we are doing a good use of our time and resources based on our mission and vision, and if we are doing something good, what can we do to make it great, and if we are not doing something good, should we continue to do it? More will come out on this over time.
  • Pastoral Vacancy: We discussed at length the vacant Pastor slot and what we should do about it. Please see the separate letter written by our church President describing our decision.
  • Leadership Team Treasurer: At the beginning of a new fiscal year the Leadership Team discusses the positions held by the members and votes on any changes for the next fiscal year.  It has been planned for the last year that Jim Vogel would transition the Treasurer position to Jason Seiberlich starting with the fiscal year that starts July 1, 2018. The Leadership Team approved this transition and thanked Jim for his years of service. Jim and Jason had several formal transition discussions and Jason has taken over the day-to-day role. Jim will continue to assist when needed and will write the FY ending financial report within the next few weeks; Jim will remain on the LT for another full year. There were no other changes discussed.


Outreach (Jeff)

  • Soccer Camp – 170 – evaluation to follow
  • Franklin parade – evaluation to follow
  • Blood Drive 8/1 – $10 to Lighthouse Youth Center for every attempted donor
  • Country Dale Adopt-a-Classroom
  • Zechariah Ministry – disabled children- discussing if we can partner with them.
  • Community Service Thanksgiving – many places to serve…will discuss more next meeting

Youth (Jay)

  • Victory Kids – new leadership team formed
  • Confirmation Class – starting up in September
  • Quest – a couple of summer activities are planned, pickle ball and a bonfire/outdoor game night

Worship (Jason)

  • Rich Herrmann will be our new head usher – Thanks to Karl Fruend for his year of service.
  • We are really blessed with our musicians and tech team!
  • Service Time Change starting September 2 – 9:00am and 10:30am

Discipleship (Steve)

  • From Fear to Faith Bible Study led by Frosty – 6 weeks
  • Men’s Ministry (Two Small Groups) led by Dave Long – Started Monday and another Sunday after church – 16 signed up.
  • Prayer Ministry – only a few involved, would love to have a few more.
  • Small Group Training – will start at the end of July, working on rolling out new small groups for September

Fellowship (Jim K)

  • Brewer Game – 8/3 15 signed up now, expecting 20-25 and will have a tailgate area.

Stewardship (Jim V)

  • Blessed by God – Over budget…financial reports expected in Late July

Properties (Ron T)

  • Parking Lot – finished
  • Parsonage – more work to do…LT will be holding our next meeting at the parsonage to paint the lower level.   If anyone can get the first coat done before the meeting the LT can handle the 2nd coat.

Items of Note/Upcoming Events

  • Blood Drive
  • Wednesday Bible Study
  • Small Group Training
  • Build Class
  • Pre-Marriage Seminar
  • Focus Groups

Next Leadership Team meeting August 13 6pm – until the parsonage is painted.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844                     Jay Justmann 414-507-4548
Ron Takacs 414-510-4805                  Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805
Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951      Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192
Jim Kehoe 414-426-5872                    Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757


Pastor’s Report

God has and is blessing us in measurable and immeasurable ways. It is an exciting time to be a part of God’s ministry at Victory of the Lamb. Our substance, the Gospel, hasn’t changed nor can it, but some of our forms have changed.

Path to Victory

We are currently working on the Path to Victory, which includes:

  • Discover – one-hour luncheon on the DNA of Victory
  • Foundations – 6 session-seminar on the basics of Christianity – 101 and 201 combined
  • Build – 6 session-seminar building on Foundations for spiritual growth-201 and 301 combined
  • Engage – one-hour luncheon sign Membership Covenant and place into small group/service opportunities

Victory Starts Now and Victory for Franklin – The Vision is that everybody in Franklin knows that we are a church (body of believers) who shares the love of Jesus in generous ways throughout our community.

Communications Updates

  • Signage which welcomes directs and notifies all people.
  • Social media platforms are very consistent and appealing; we have also stepped into Instagram. Sammi, Naomi, and Nancy are part of Milwaukee area church communications group.
  • Communication Guidelines are now in place.
  • votl.life – a one stop easy sign up for all things Victory.

Church Teams and Operations

  • Safety Team is functioning. Looking into adding an AED machine
  • Music Team has jam nights to have fun and train new musicians.
  • Small Group Training sessions. Begin 7/26
  • Confirmation Class set up to allow parents to cover any missing lessons and will move toward much more parental involvement. I’m reading an eye-opening book called Hope of the Nations which would be excellent reading for all of our confirmation parents.
  • Stepping Stones – milestone based program to help parents become spiritually involved in child’s life…we’re working on this opportunity.
  • Mission in Action – looking for teams to get involved in different events in Franklin and surrounding area (i.e. Zecharias Ministry to reach disabled kids in our community).
  • Facility Use Policy is in practice and will need to be tweaked as we see how things really play out.
  • Build Class is being offered this month.
  • Counseling – mental health, pre-marriage, marriage, cancer support
  • Looking at opportunities and ways to do video based on questions off the sermon or key topics of today.

Pastoral Growth

  • In a season of growth – The Art of Preaching, Carey Nieuhof podcast, Global Leadership Summit (Sammi and I will be attending at a site here in town August 8,9).
  • New Sermon Series – what do we want people to know, what do we want people to do, and what skills are we going to give people so they can make disciples.
  • Tracking online worshipers…how can we do this?
  • Evaluation of Ministry using page 174 of the Unstuck book as a guide to push our mission.
  • Personal evangelism goals – How many people can we invite to church as a Pastor as a leadership team, as a congregation? 12 families per family per year?
  • Contemplating the difference between community service and community outreach.
  • Books I have read/reading in addition to God’s Word: Hope of the Nations, Practical Atheist, Quiet, The Coaching Habit