LINKED – Additional Ministry Sites

LINKED – Additional Ministry Sites

Expand the Gospel

We want to embrace our church’s mission by going the extra mile and showing the love of Jesus in a variety of ways.  Community outreach and staffing for growth play a major role in meeting the community where they are at.  What if Victory of the Lamb was able to meet people in other communities where they are at? The good news is that we can do this!

History and Current Status

12 years ago, Victory of the Lamb started with a $150,000 gift from St. Paul’s, Muskego over a three-year period.  We also received another $85,000 in grants/support to complete our initial funding.  We can do something similar by developing additional ministry sites. Our current mortgage payments add up to $111,000 annually.

Potential Growth

When we reach our $2 million campaign goal, our mortgage debt will be 85% eliminated. This will free up about $95,000 annually to further our ministry through funding additional sites for Victory of the Lamb and/or planting new churches in the next three years. In addition to creating ministry sites, we can utilize these extra ministry funds to explore all possible opportunities on our main site for future development as needs arise.

We have always been a church who has been about something much bigger than ourselves. We have a tremendous opportunity to continue to demonstrate that by making a commitment to two new worship sites in the near future.  Your generous support will help us achieve that.