LINKED – Community Outreach

LINKED – Community Outreach

Community Is Our Mission

One important aspect of LINKED is community outreach. Our guiding principles and values center around outreach. When planning outreach into our community, we want to do what is most impactful so that God is glorified. As a church, we feel compelled to be a vital component of our community, existing in such a way that if we were to cease to exist it would be a detriment to our community.

Although our church is in Franklin, 61% of adult members and regular attenders come from outside of the city of Franklin. Therefore, we want to be able to meet the needs of our broader community, not only of Franklin but also the southern suburbs and the city of Milwaukee.

LINKED to our Community

We want to plan out-of-the-box outreach that allows us to have fun and interact with our community. With Christ at the center of our service, we want to support what our community is already doing. We also want to provide opportunities and services that our community may not have. Through LINKED, we will go out into our community, serving in joy and love in such areas as: compassion, counseling, education, basic needs, medical support, and recreation.