Linked Campaign

Linked Campaign

What is LINKED?

LINKED is a 3-year campaign focused on making substantial impacts in our community by helping our neighbors in need and sharing God’s great news with our community.

Our goal is to raise $2 million to help us link our church to our community, one another, and to Christ through focusing on three areas:

  • Community Outreach (15% of funds raised)
  • Staffing (15% of funds raised)
  • Additional Ministry Sites (70% of funds raised)

Pastor’s Letter – an Excerpt

Did you ever stop to think that what God leads us to do in our day-to-day lives can make an eternal and extraordinary difference in the lives of others? The church and community were never meant to be separate. When we see our community, we are to see people for whom Jesus died. When our community sees us, they are to see the loving heart, hands, and attitude of Jesus and hear Him speak to them in patient love. Since grace links us to Jesus, we will intentionally link Jesus to our community, one another and the future.

Click here to read the rest of Pastor’s letter, inviting you to join us in the LINKED campaign.

Focus Areas for Linked

Community Outreach

Our guiding principles and values center around outreach. When planning outreach into our community, we want to do what is most impactful so that God is glorified. As a church, we feel compelled to be a vital component of our community. We want to existing in such a way that if we were to cease to exist it would be a detriment to our community.

Click here to learn more about how LINKED will support our mission to reach our community.


Because we want to make direct and lasting impacts in our community, this is a great time to expand staffing positions at Victory of the Lamb for future growth and outreach. Click here to learn how LINKED will allow us to staff for growth at Victory.

Additional Ministry Sites

We want to embrace our church’s mission by going the extra mile and showing the love of Jesus in a variety of ways. We have the opportunity to expand our ministry throughout Southeast Wisconsin by growing in our current site and creating additional ministry sites. Click here to learn more about how LINKED can allow us to do this.

What Can I Do?

Below, you will find options to prayerfully consider as you decide how to get involved with the LINKED campaign. May God lead you as you pray about your decision to support our congregation through this special appeal.

  • Support Through Prayer. Please pray that the Lord would bless our efforts and keep us focused as we seek to expand our ministry.
  • Match Existing Giving. As a starting point, we ask you to prayerfully consider matching your current regular giving over the next three years.
  • Give a Leadership Gift. We ask those who are in a position to give more to prayerfully consider making a leadership gift of $5,000 to $20,000 over the next three years to the LINKED campaign.
  • Give a Legacy Gift. We invite those whom God has financially blessed to prayerfully consider making a legacy gift of $50,000 or more over the next three years to the LINKED campaign.

Let us know how you will be involved with the LINKED campaign! We ask that you make your commitment by submitting a Commitment Card to church in person or via mail or completing the Online Pledge form by clicking the button below.

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