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11120 W Loomis Rd., Franklin, WI

May 2016

The meeting opened with prayer and a Bible study of Psalm 90. Here, we learned that in contrast to our eternal God, our lives are brief and full of sin. However, our God is compassionate, just, and forgiving. Every day is a new day of his Grace, and each day is a day to do the Lord’s work.

God continues to bless our congregation each Sunday. We continue to see more and more new people attend our services. On Mother’s Day, we had to get more chairs out of the closet for the first service. Pastor and a welcome team continues to follow up with all of the new people, and to learn of their unique stories that led them to VOTL. Please continue to make them feel welcome!

Along those same lines, there are many people who are in the membership process. There are new Bible 101, 201, and 301 classes starting all the time. Various small groups are helping prepare and deliver welcome bags to our new guests.

Small groups are still ongoing, even though some may take a break over the Summer months. Breakfast and Bible Group, as well as Victory Moms are new groups which have recently started with great success.

The Ministry Center’s landscaping plan will go before the City’s Plan Commission tentatively on May 19th Assuming that the plan moves forward, we will be looking for volunteers to help with the project. Please stay tuned!

Pastor Ben and members of the Leadership Team have had conversations with Pastor Odell. He is still prayerfully considering his current call, a second call, and the call from VOTL. We hope to hear from him in the next few weeks (by May 22 hopefully). Please keep Pastor Odell in your prayers as he evaluates where the Lord has plans for him to carry on God’s mission.

The Leadership Team started to evaluate a proposed Financial Ministry Plan for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Once approved, the Leadership Team realizes the importance of communicating the financial ministry plan to the congregation.

The Victory Kids Director position is open, and resumes are being accepted. All qualified applicants from our congregation as well as the surrounding area will be considered. An interview team will is being formed to evaluate the candidates. This interview team will consist of Leadership Team members, as well as members of the Victory Kids leadership team and other Victory Kids volunteers.

There was discussion about finishing the asphalt in the parking lot of the Ministry Center. This is not something that was planned on being finished in the short term. However, the project is being researched, so that a proper timeline for the asphalt to be finished can be established. We also have to weigh other priorities such as a digital monument sign, sanctuary art, furnishings for the multi-purpose room, and carpeting the Victory Kids hallway. In connection with finishing the asphalt, we discussed potentially moving the handicap parking spaces to the front of the building to make them more convenient to the main entrance. The reason they are located where they are is because of our former plans with Kayla’s Playground. Moving the handicap parking spaces would also involve redoing the concrete entrance. We are researching costs associated with that as well to potentially coincide with the timing of finishing the top layer of asphalt.

An Employee Handbook for VOTL was discussed and is being developed for the near future. This is necessary so that there will be clear guidelines related to all employee matters that may arise. We hope to adopt an Employee Handbook by the next fiscal year. Facility use policies are also being addressed.

Pastor Ben was nominated for a potential Martin Luther College (MLC) Governing Board position. This is an honor for Pastor Ben to be considered for this role. However, it also comes with a significant amount of time and responsibility. Pastor Ben currently serves on the Board of Directors for WELS Lutherans For Life and is the Program Committee chairman for his pastors’ conference. He is finishing out his terms for those roles and would no longer continue in them if he is elected to the MLC Governing Board at our Southeastern WI District’s Convention this summer. Please keep him in your prayers as he considers how much time and energy he has to serve the church at large.

Pastor reminded us and the congregation how the Lord continues to bless VOTL. Please keep the church, its members and Pastor Ben in your prayers. We then closed with prayer, each person taking turns as we prayed going around the table.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any of the Leadership Team members.

Submitted by,

Jay Justmann, Leadership Team Member