Memorial Day (5/26/2009)

Memorial Day (5/26/2009)

On Memorial Day, while visiting family, I got up early and went for a long jog in the country near New London, WI. I ran past a cemetery. I noticed a large tombstone with three American flags by it. Later in the day I learned that tombstone marks the death of three brothers—Navy men on the USS Oklahoma, a ship attacked at Pearl Harbor, a ship where all three brothers died.

That made me really think about what freedoms I enjoy because of the sacrifice of men and women like the Barber brothers. I think if you asked most people today what they think is the most important freedom we have…they’d say, “Freedom of speech.” Undoubtedly that’s a wonderful freedom…as are so many that we enjoy here in the USA! But forgotten sometimes I think is simply the freedom of worship.

We get to worship God without fear. We get to talk about Jesus without hindrance. We get to study the Bible without having to worry about the secret police storming in and breaking things up. We are so blessed! And I know some of you will say, “Yeah, but…” Well maybe, but there are Christians in places around the world right now who have to meet in secret. They have to deal with the constant threats to their livelihood and their lives. Yet they continue to meet anyway—even without the freedom to do so publicly. And in places where Christians are persecuted, ironically that’s where you see men stepping up and going to church and leading their families so that they get to hear and study the Bible. Because they know that in the Word they learn about their Savior who sets them truly free—from their sins, from death, from hell. And that’s why we worship too—to learn about Jesus and the great things he has done for us! A great way for all of us to say thank you to God for freedom is to come together for worship.

As a church, Victory of the Lamb has been worshiping at Showtime Cinema now for almost a month. There have been some wrinkles to iron out, as we expected in moving to a new place. But I think we’ve just about got things figured out. We are definitely thankful to God for the opportunity to meet at Showtime and I know he’s going to bless us there as we reach out to our community with the love of Christ. If you haven’t been there yet we’d love to have you join us for worship as God gives you the opportunity.