More Than Bricks Update

More Than Bricks Update

More Than Bricks (MTB) kicked off in December 2014 as a major funding campaign for our new Ministry Center, with a goal of $500,000.  80% of the money received ($400,000) is being used to reduce our mortgage debt and related expenses, and 20% ($100,000) is being used to support mission work in North Dakota, St. Lucia and Nepal.

Our Ministry Center has been an incredible blessing, but our mission has always been “More Than Bricks”.  It’s about reaching people with the good news about Jesus.  We can rejoice that in 2016, our first year in our new Ministry Center, our attendance was 18,295 vs 12,319 in 2015, when we were still at Showtime Cinema.  That’s a 49% increase!  God be praised!

Here is where we stand at the 28 month mark of the 3 year campaign:

Commitments                                                $416,000    (83.2% of Goal)

Donations Received in April                          $  13,494    (Need $6,078/mo to reach commitment goal)

Total Received through April                        $367,380   (88.3% of Commitments, 73.5% of goal)

Total Received in 2015:  $206,052      Total Received in 2016:  $123,250      Total Received in 2017:  $37,752

God has blessed us richly in this campaign, and our prayer is that we strive to reach the $500,000 in commitments during the next 8 months

If you didn’t complete a commitment card or if you are a new member in the last 2 years, prayerfully consider supporting MTB. As a reminder, your box of donation envelopes includes a monthly MTB envelope. Reducing our mortgage debt as much as possible during the upcoming year will allow us to have a manageable mortgage payment and also help us support other VOTL programs more effectively.

2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”


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