Moving Day (4/30/2009)

Moving Day (4/30/2009)

Today was moving day! It was kind of weird, hauling all our stuff across the street to Showtime Cinema. People keep asking me, “So are you going to miss being at Polonia?” And you know…yeah…a little bit. It was the place God plopped in our lap in answer to our prayers when we were starting from scratch. It was a great place to start. And we’ve got a few extra memories that not every church has—like a worship service without heat…in December…in WI. O the fun! Actually though, it kind of was fun. I mean, there were some really frustrating moments being there…but it was fun because of the people I get to work with. That’s just the truth. So many of you have put in long hours…serving with a smile…and a healthy dose of sarcasm every now and thenJ But in terms of volunteers who’ve been transformed by God’s grace…unbelievable! Thank you so much. I am so blessed as a pastor to lead a group that wants to share the love of Jesus with their community. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves like Jesus did to serve.

As I was setting up and cleaning before church this last Sunday, I had a little sentimental twinge…but just a little one…because by the end of the service all my energy was focused on looking ahead…and man, I am excited. It’s go-time at Showtime! Thank you everyone who helped make last Sunday at Polonia special. Thank you everyone who helped me today move our stuff over to the cinema.

I think we’re just about ready. We’ve got some sweet new equipment to tinker with. We’ve got some big new plans for Bible Quest—our Sunday morning children’s ministry. We’ll have a new movie theater ad soon. We’re starting a new sermon series this Sunday on our core values that help shape how we carry out our mission. We’ll be working to iron out some wrinkles probably as we gear up for a re-launch this September. And we’ll be planning our summer outreach events like our 4th of July stuff, Hallepalooza, and our soccer Bible camp (which by the way is August 3-6 if you’re looking to save the dates).

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