New Series Starting – Take Up Your Cross

New Series Starting – Take Up Your Cross

Dear Friends,

It’s a tough, lonely thing to grow up in a world filled with high expectations and endless temptations. Young people need to understand that they are not alone—everyone faces the same struggles. How can we come up alongside our youth, our teens, let them know that we love them, we care about them, we’re ready to listen without judgement?

This Sunday we’re starting a new series that I pray will help us to do just that. It’s called “Take Up Your Cross” and it has to do with the struggles and challenges that we face as we follow Jesus in every generation. Over the next three weeks we’ll take a look at some of the crosses that are unique to different seasons of life—in youth (this Sunday), in middle age (next Sunday), and in our golden years (9/3).

At the same time we’ll all find common ground at the foot of the only, truly unique cross—Christ’s cross. There we will find what brings us all together—forgiveness and renewed strength through God’s Holy Spirit to say “no” to sin and “yes” to God.

I would be honored to have you join us this Sunday as we start this new message series. And in case you missed the grand finale to our series “Prayer is Powerful”, remember you can always catch up by watching it online. Your whole perspective on prayer will change when you understand that you are actually in your Savior’s thoughts and prayers!

If you want to take a deep dive into the truths we’ll be exploring in our new series coming up, check out this book called “Theology of the Cross” by one of my college professors. I highly recommend it.

Save the Date Our church’s mission is to share the message of Christ’s victory with today’s people. We want to help every one of you be able to do that confidently and comfortably with anybody. That’s why on Friday evening, October 13th we’ll be hosting a special weekend training event at our ministry center with that purpose. It’s called Praise and Proclaim. The next day, Saturday morning and afternoon, October 14th you’ll have an opportunity to put that training into practice. Meals will be provided. Childcare will be provided. We are praying even now that a great many of you who are our members will participate. Stay tuned for more info in the weeks ahead.

Logo Refreshed – After a summer of working with us, our resident artist Naomi Scheel has nearly finished the project of refreshing our church logo so that it resonates with our target audience of unchurched millennials and their friends, so that it works well on various social media platforms, and it communicates the vibrant, welcoming, refreshing feelings of our church. Look forward next week to seeing the finished results!

FY 2017 Year End Financial Communication – With sincere thanks and appreciation to our church treasurer Jim Vogel and to Jayne George and Candy Johnson our accountants who have worked together to keep the books, here is a link to a report on the tremendous generosity and blessings of you, God’s people, over this past fiscal year. Thank you for your support of our important work together of sharing Christ’s victory with today’s people! Through your gifts and giving, God is setting us up to have an even bigger impact in the future!

Attention Mothers-To-Be (and those who know a mother-to-be!): WELS Lutherans for Life is seeking pregnant women interested in a FREE limited obstetrical ultrasound. We are becoming a medical clinic to provide sonograms to clients seeking pregnancy related services. Our sonographers will be receiving training and need pregnant women to practice their sonography skills. Service hours for this activity will be from 9AM-5PM from Tuesday through Friday, September 19-22 and again September 26-29 in West Allis. Please call 414-727-8176 to ask questions and/or to schedule an appointment.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben