October 2021 Leadership Team Meeting

October 2021 Leadership Team Meeting

October 2021 Leadership Team Meeting

Date/Time/Location: October 11, 2021, 6:30pm at the Ministry Center
Present: Pastor Bill, Jacob Guenther, Jim Vogel, Jason Seiberlich, Pastor Ben, Mike Shinners, Tim Orlowski, Ron Takacs, Jojo Moore


Victory Stories

  • New people joining in for worship in Franklin and online, including a musician who hadn’t been to a church in over a year.
  • 4 recent baptism requests to Victory.
  • Mere Christianity wrapped up with over 50 attendees and great discussions.
  • Your Daily Victory app has over 140 downloads.



  • Bedtime Stories – A few non-Victory members attended. All had a great time with the reading and crafts!
  • Blood Drive – 4th drive this year coming up. Versiti has reached out to schedule dates for drives next year.
  • Trunk-or-Treat – We have a trunk spot for the city-wide Trunk-or-Treat. We’ll be handing out water bottles, candy, and trinkets. Franklin expects over 600 children.
  • Country Dale Cougar Chase – We’re sponsoring this race for Country Dale.
  • Kaitlin Woods Condo Association – They are looking for a place to hold their monthly meetings. Pastor Bill volunteered Victory.
  • Online First Church – The team discussed an online studio install. A member has volunteered to use her gifts to move our mission forward as an online-first church. She will volunteer 1.5 days per week researching other churches and ministries, and then share her recommendations.


  • Upcoming Holiday Services
    • Thanksgiving Eve 6:30 – Discussion on reverse offering which has been a tradition here at VOTL, and how this looks for online attenders.
    • Christmas Eve – Discussion around having 3 Christmas Eve services, 1.5 hours apart, and 1 service on the 23rd
    • December 26 – Services for this date will be online-only.
    • January 2 – The team discussed having virtual services only or only one in-person service.  Pastor Bill to talk with staff and volunteers to see what this looks like.
  • Telecoil Loop – This system should be installed and in use by the end of October.


  • Men’s and Women’s Mentoring – First meetings went very well
  • Victory University – First course for the fall is complete; “What Divides and Unites Us as Christians” starts at the end of October; averaging 50 people per course.
  • Confirmation Class – Pastors have 27 kids in class.
  • Middle School Meet Ups – Over 20 students signed up on average.
  • Quest – High school group continues to grow.


  • Financial – The team discussed potentially keeping Linked going into 2022. They also reviewed and discussed this year’s budget. GOD IS GOOD!
  • Staffing –
    • Event/Volunteer Coordinator – This may be one or two different positions, depending on interest and applicants. The team discussed having this position filled in January.
    • IT Support – IT related issues have become more frequent. The team discussed  a very part-time IT person or a type of Help Desk we can call.
    • Online Ministry – we may need more than one person to fill positions.


  • Your Daily Victory – People opening up more on the app has been great!
  • Year Long Bible Reading Plan – Next year’s Bible plan potentially will be the New Testament and Psalms.


Next meeting is scheduled for November 8, 2021 at 6:30 pm.