Path to Victory

Path to Victory

Dear Friends,

I am a bundle of excitement right now and here’s why. Since starting from scratch 5 years ago, God has grown our church from a small group of less than 10 meeting in my home for Bible study to the 180 who’ve been worshiping with us on average lately in the theater.
Over this time God has had to teach us countless times that we live by faith and not by sight as is always the case and that’s just how our God would have it! In our reading of The Story last week, I was struck again by how God calls us to follow him with bold confidence. He’s not a God who calls us to play it safe. Instead he calls us to the grand adventure of a life lived in step with him. Just look at how he called Abraham to lay everything in his life on the line with nothing but a promise of things unseen.
I’m excited because God is giving us some opportunities to live out our faith in that same kind of way. The next couple months especially are going to be packed with lots of things going on. After almost a year of negotiating and doing our homework, we have an accepted offer on a 17 acre parcel of land in southwest Franklin with frontage on both Loomis Rd and Ryan Rd. This is the piece of land we talked about at our open forums last year when it became available for purchase.
It is an amazing piece of land in an amazing location with lots of green space. It will give us room to grow and plenty of opportunities to benefit our local community as it grows with us long into the future. However, our offer to purchase is contingent on getting the property rezoned which is an ongoing process that will last into April, God-willing. An opportunity to exercise faith in things yet unseen! Already a lot of planning and quite a few meetings have taken place in this process. Please keep this process in your prayers and over the next couple weeks we’ll be sure and let you know how you can help when needed.
At the same time over the next couple months we have begun to move forward with a plan to launch an Appeal with the faith driven goal, God-willing, of completely paying off the land within a 2 year time frame. It will be a professionally led Appeal. The professional expertise will be provided for by Wisconsin Lutheran High School as part of their Mutual Benefit Appeal program. Ninety percent of the funds raised will be used towards our land purchase. Ten percent will be gifted to the High School in support of their Gifted for Praise Capital Campaign. Our “Path to Victory” Appeal will become more visible after Easter, and culminate with a Commitment Sunday on May 13. Much more information about this will be forthcoming in the next couple weeks to help answer your questions. Please pray for God’s blessings as we make plans for this important Appeal in the life of our church family.

In Christ,
Pastor Ben