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Seeking Certainty

Dear Friends,

When we started Victory of the Lamb 11 years ago, we had many dreams. One of them was that our church might become a place where anyone could come no matter what their religious background, feel welcome, and ultimately discover the uniquely wonderful joy of knowing that Jesus Christ did everything to save them!

Before we ever held a worship service as a new church, something blew me away. As a group of us began going door to door to meet people in our Franklin community, about 80% of the people we surveyed said they didn’t think they could ever be sure they were going to “heaven”. We found this to be a fairly consistent response whether a person claimed to belong to Gesu church near the Marquette campus, the Hindu temple in Pewaukee, the Mosque on 27th St, or the local Kingdom Hall.

As we asked more questions their reasons came out. “I don’t think anyone can know for certain.” “I just hope that I’ve been a good enough person.” “Eventually if I store up enough positive karma maybe I’ll be reincarnated with better circumstances in the next life.” “I’m hoping that if I keep going to mass and keep trying to do good to others then Jesus and Mary will have mercy on me.” “We are being tested until the Day of Judgment when we will find out if we’ve been good enough to be rewarded with Paradise.” “Our salvation is a gift when we truly repent of our sins and live faithfully according to God’s moral requirements.”

Friends, what do you hear behind each of those statements? I hear uncertainty. I hear worry. I hear fear. Ultimately, that’s what you’ll always find in any human attempt to seek God’s favor until a person discovers the certainty of knowing Christ’s victory.

500 years ago, that’s what Martin Luther rediscovered when he encouraged people to dig into the Bible for themselves. He found the secret to be able to have certainty about eternal life. He found the sure source of lasting peace with God. He found the good news of Jesus Christ! He found pure, undiluted, full-strength grace. And the Reformation that began when he challenged the false religious ideas of his day, continues to be as much needed and as relevant as ever in our generation today.

That’s why we would love to have you join us at Victory of the Lamb the next four Sundays for our series called Seeking Certainty. This series is built around four key truths of the Lutheran Reformation that together provide us a sure foundation of hope on which to build our lives and our futures. In this series we will seek these truths together and then celebrate how they apply so practically to our lives today. This series is designed for anyone—whether you consider yourself a church person or not. We’re all seeking certainty. Come along for the journey! Invite a friend.

Your worldview matters. A lot. Be sure and watch the messages you may have missed in our Soul Searching series to understand why.

Country Dale Elementary – Thank you for your swift and generous response in donating all the items needed for the Victory Kids Kit. Awesome job! I am looking forward to taking it over to the school today.

Praise and Proclaim 64 people are signed up to participate in our evangelism training tomorrow night. I get excited to think about the gospel seeds we’ll collectively be able to plant and what God is going to do through it!

Family Movie Night – SING! Friday, Oct 20 at 6 pm. Invite your friends to bring their families to the animated hit SING! Join us for a sanctuary showing complete with pop­corn, snacks and a few surprises. What a fun way to introduce your friends to Victory of the Lamb!

Tenth Avenue North Concert – On Friday, October 27 at 7:30 pm Wisconsin Lutheran College is hosting Tenth Avenue North’s “I Have This Hope” concert with Brandon Heath and Jon McLaughlin. General Admission Tickets are $17. For Tickets go to or contact the college at 414-443-8800.

Rake and Run – On Saturday, October 21st our student groups, Quest (grades 9-12) and Confirmation students (grades 6-8) will join forces to help homeowners in our community with fall yard work. From 9am-noon the teens will rake leaves for homeowners who may have difficulty doing this chore on their own. This is a great opportunity to show love for our neighbors. Contact Sammi with questions.

Ministry Day – Wednesday I was privileged to speak to 4 different classrooms full of sophomores from Luther Prep School in Watertown to talk about the importance of empathy and the joy of sharing Christ’s victory. Hopefully I was also able to provide some encouragement to consider full-time ministry in the church one day for some.

More Than Bricks – 3 months to go. Thank you for overflowing with generosity and love! Read the September update posted on our website. Check out a Thank-You letter and update from Pastor Nate Walther in Minot, ND—one of our MTB mission partners.

Reformation 500 Festival Service – Sunday, Nov 5, 3:30 pm. Celebrate the Lutheran Reformation at a special Festival Service. The service will be held at the Miller High Life Theater, 500 West Kilbourn Avenue,  Milwaukee.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben