Sermons on Lamentations

Sermons on Lamentations

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Hope Changes Me

When we allow ourselves to think that where we are is always where we will be, we lose hope. We lose a sense of determination and confidence in the future. But what creates this hope in the future is the fact that God makes us promises that He will be with us, He will guide us, and He will bless us if we stay strong in His promises. There are many circumstances that attempt to rob us of our hope:…
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Faithfulness, Not Convenience

It’s hard to stick to our promises to ourselves to stay healthy when it’s more convenient to go through the fast food drive-through or skip a workout. It may be easier to skip your daily devotion or going to church to make sure you’ve got time to get everything else done, but what’s the result of this? God is always faithful to you, and being intentional about spending time with him helps you set priorities straight, making time for the…