All Things New

All Things New

the big idea:
At the end of another year it’s easy to feel weary of same old, same old. Same old job, same old stresses and pressures in life, same old personal struggles. But here’s the deal. God’s blessings to us are new every morning. As we grow in him through Word and sacrament, he promises that he will make us new, that he will give us new power, new hope, new love and new purpose so that our spirits are revived once again.

In this series will take a deeper look at a number of the miracles Jesus performed. We will marvel at the new things Jesus did in these peoples’ lives. We will also find new life, joy and excitement as we begin to see more clearly all the amazing things that Jesus continues to do in our lives.

“I am making everything new” (Revelation 21:5) – Jesus

New Vision

Jesus’s life teaches us that glory and sacrifice go hand and hand and transforms our idea of who or what we choose to “glory” in.

New Purpose

Struggling with the sin inside, living in a self-centered society, it’s way too easy for us to go through life accomplishing little of lasting value. When Jesus is the Lord of my life, that all changes.

New Love

without Jesus, we have no idea what love really is. Jesus shows us what real love—committed, unconditional, self-sacrificing love—is and through his sacrifice Jesus pours this love into our hearts.

New Hope

Every word that flows from Jesus’ lips, every miracle he performs speaks hope to our lives. We have a Savior who can raise the dead! What more hope do we need? Luke 7

New Power

Even if Jesus doesn’t perform a miracle and remove all our pains and troubles, knowing his love enables us to power through. Luke 4

New Journey

Are you on the right path in life? We can find a clear path by following in the footsteps of the Magi Matthew 2:2-12