Called: Finding Your Role in God's Work

Called: Finding Your Role in God's Work


Big Idea

Some days we feel like life has no purpose. We get up, make breakfast for the kids, go to work, come home, watch some TV, and fall asleep on the couch. We wonder if what we do matters. Is there any real meaning and purpose in our day-to-day lives?

In this series, we will see that God has called us to our specific roles in life to do His work. He is the one who has called us to be mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, employers, employees, and citizens. He wants us to use our specific callings to further His rule in our world as we do the work He has given us.

Series Breakdown

May 9, 2021: God’s Call to Mothers

Moms often feel like the work they do for their families and communities goes unnoticed. However, mothers play essential roles in God’s kingdom. God has called mothers not only to create new life, but to nurture, care, and guide God’s children so that they might bless thousands of generations.
Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 1:3-7

May 16, 2021: God’s Call to Husbands and Wives

In today’s culture, husbands and wives often neglect their callings to be devoted to their spouses for a variety of reasons. But God calls husbands and wives to love and respect one another not just so that they can have a fruitful marriage, but more importantly so that they might show the world the marriage between Christ and his Church.
Sermon Text: Ephesians 5:22-33

May 23, 2021: God’s Call to Sons and Daughters

There is often some confusion about role children play in the family and who makes family decisions. God’s word is very clear about who leads families: parents. God calls children to obey their parents, promising blessing with this command.
Sermon Text: Ephesians 6:1-3

May 30, 2021: God’s Call to Employees

At one time or another, we have all found ourselves in jobs we do not like with bosses we cannot stand. We can find encouragement when we realize that, ultimately, it is God we work for. God calls employers and employees to work primarily for Him as they serve one another.
Sermon Text: Ephesians 6:5-8

June 6, 2021: God’s Call to Employers

Being in a position of power and responsibility is a heavy burden to bear for those who employ others, and it can be tempting to use this power over others for our own benefit. Employers who use God’s wisdom in making decisions that impact their employees helps them lead with fairness and treat all with dignity and respect.
Sermon Text: Ephesians 6:9

June 13, 2021: God’s Call to Citizens

In a “cancel culture” society, you may find it difficult to honor and respect elected officials with different values and beliefs than your own. In His Word, God reminds us that He is the one who places people in positions of authority to fulfill His purpose. God has given us the gift of government, and so he calls us to be godly citizens.
Sermon text: Romans 13:1-7

June 20, 2021: God’s Call to Fathers

Fathers often feel ill-equipped to lead their households, struggling with the burdens they feel to provide for their families. However, like mothers, fathers play unique and important roles in their families. God has called fathers to train and instruct their children to fear the Lord and share Him with their world.
Sermon text: Ephesians 6:4

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