It's the End of the World...and I Feel Fine!

It's the End of the World...and I Feel Fine!

the big idea:

It seems that whenever people talk about the end of the world, it’s always in dark and ominous terms. But for God’s people, who live in the light of a resurrected Savior, there are only better tomorrows and an end to this world that will usher in the life that our hearts have always longed for. In this series we will find joy and peace in the promises of God that he will uphold us and carry us, that he will be our sunshine through the last dark days of this world and that, in the end, a true paradise awaits us.

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:28).


My Kind of King

Seeing how some of this world’s leaders lead, the question “who’s in charge” does not evoke strong feelings of optimism. But Christ is our King! Colossians 1

Free at Last!

This world is under a curse from which it longs to be free. But when the end comes, that’s all past. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Revelation 21

Justice for All

Talk of judgment day elicits fear because we know we are guilty. But because of Jesus death we have been declared righteous. Bring it on! John 5:19-30

It’s Who You Know

Luther saw the world becoming more and more evil. The end is closer now: have confidence know the One who can bring us safely through these end times.