Prayer is Powerful

Prayer is Powerful

The Bible records some remarkable prayers. However, the people who prayed them weren’t really all that remarkable. And as they prayed they sure didn’t think their prayers were all that remarkable either. But God heard them anyway. Their prayers spoken to God in faith touched his heart and sometimes resulted in miracles happening. Lives were changed. History was altered. Hope was restored. Hearts were opened. In every case, prayers were heard by a gracious God!

So why did God choose to have these prayers recorded for us in the Bible? So that we could learn from them the privilege and blessings of talking to God in prayer ourselves. That’s why in this series we’re going to look at some of these prayers spoken by ordinary people to see that we too can pray powerfully. We too can touch the heart of God. We too can impact hearts, lives, and even history itself. And in every case, no matter what, we can be confident that our prayers offered in faith are heard by our gracious and loving God for Jesus’ sake. 

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16) 



Prayer is Powerful, problems

God Prays to God for Us

That prayer is powerful can be seen as Jesus chooses to pray to his Father for us. If we feel that our prayer life falls short, we have one who intercedes for us and who was perfect in his prayer life to the very end.

Answered Prayer Leads to Praise

After God blessed Hannah with the child she asked for, Hannah responded with a beautiful prayer giving thanks and praise to God. How often do we remember to thank and praise God for answered prayer? (Doxology) Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 1:9-20, 2:1-10

Out of the Depths – Memorize Scripture

We may wonder if it’s worth the time and effort to memorize Scripture, but when we’re all alone in the darkness, it’s right then that we need God’s Word most! (7th Petition) ; Sermon Text:   Jonah 2
Prayer is Powerful, problems

Listen to These Insults!

When the Assyrian army threatened Israel, King Hezekiah took their letter full of insults straight to God in prayer. (6th Petition)
Prayer is Powerful, problems

Create in Me a Clean Heart

After King David blew it bigtime, he learned that the only way to find peace again was to come completely clean before God. When he did, David discovered that God would not cast him away, but rather God longed to restore him through full and free forgiveness received by faith. Psalm 51
Prayer is Powerful, problems

Negotiating with God

Abraham intercedes for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that God would spare the righteous.               (3rd Petition) Sermon Text:   Genesis 18:20-33
Prayer is Powerful, problems

Big Problems? Bigger God?

Although it looks like the bad guys are in control and the church is small and beleaguered, nevertheless God still is in control and where is Word is spoken boldly, God’s Spirit is working great things. (2nd Petition) Acts 4:23-41

Stepping Into the Breach

After just spending time in the very presence of God, Moses comes down Mt. Sinai only to find the Israelites worshiping a golden calf and indulging in pagan revelry. Instead of letting God’s anger burn against the people, Moses steps into the breach and intercedes on their behalf (cf. Psalm 106:19-23) (1st Petition)