Real-ationships Make All the Difference

Real-ationships Make All the Difference

the big idea:

As we read through Scripture it’s amazing to see how vital relationship are in God’s grand design. In fact, God himself exists and works exclusively in relationship—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, in a sinful world relationships are not easy. In this series we want to explore the importance of relationships in our lives as well as God’s plan for using our personal relationships to share his love with the world.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves” (Romans 12:10).

The Community

It’s easy to compartmentalize our lives. There’s our church life and then there’s the rest of our life. We fail to realize that our entire life serves as a witness to everyone around us. How can we make the most of the relationships we have with friends, coworkers and our neighbors down the street?

The Church

Many people were attracted to the early church because they saw the “love” that these people had for each other and the tangible ways they put this love in practice. What if the church still looked like that today?

The Home

The most intimate relationships in life are found in the home. This also makes them the most difficult. Yet, what amazing things God can accomplish when the entire family works together to serve the Lord!