Sermons by Ben Kuerth (Page 3)

Sermons by Ben Kuerth (Page 3)

Empty Life

When we’re looking for meaning and purpose in life, the empty tomb shows us how to work for things that really last. Sermon Text: Philippians 3

Our Weakness

A Body of Death Because of sin we carry around what Paul calls “a body of death.” Our bodies are cursed with struggles like pain, disease, and addiction. Jesus endured the pain of flogging, beating, and the cross so that we could be rescued from pain and sickness forever.  Scriptures:  Matthew 26:47-68 Sermon Text:   John 9:1-7; 13-17,34-39
Like Us in Every Way

Our Guilt

Jesus is able to share a message of grace with a woman whose life is oppressive as a result of the consequences of sin because he carried the guilt of that very sin, the guilt of all sin, to the cross.  Scriptures:  Matthew 26:31-46 Sermon Text:  John 4:5-26

Love Your Enemies

What Jesus Said – Love your enemies For the Christian, the guiding principle for any healthy conversation is Jesus’ encouragement to approach a person in love, that is, with their emotional and eternal well-being in mind. Scriptures: Romans 13:8-14; 1 John 3:11-18 Sermon Text: Matthew 5:43-48
aha sermon series

The One to Follow (Purpose)

There are many different philosophical life-views out there; none as compelling and life-hanging as Jesus’ call: Follow me! Sermon Text: Matthew 4:12-23

A Shepherd-A Wide-Eyed Witness

With a shepherd marvel this Christmas at the fulfillment of God’s promises. This is God’s Son in human flesh born to redeem the human race! Luke 2:1-20
The Way it was - Simeon

Mary—Magnify the Lord

With Mary you’ll see that God is bigger than all your problems and struggles. Put you trust in him and you will stand amazed at what he will do!