"community" Tagged Sermons

"community" Tagged Sermons

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The Community of Wisdom

The Proverbs emphasize the importance of a wise community. Although true wisdom comes from God and his Word, it takes a community of believers to discover and apply it. We can’t understand God’s Word all on our own. We need Christian teachers and advisers and mentors who will help us discern what’s best. We will follow the crowd, so we need to choose wisely which crowd to follow. Sermon Text: Proverbs 2:20-22
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Welcoming – Victory Core Value

The early Christians didn’t have worship spaces with electricity, heat, and plumbing. But they did have each other. They gave up everything to meet the needs of the poor, shared meals together, and grew in faith as a united group of believers. When we say one of our core values is to be welcoming, we mean that we share life together through worship, small groups, serving, and meeting the needs of the people in our church and our community. Sermon…
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The church is always threatened by divisions—race, income, gender, age, etc. God’s powerful words opened Peter’s mind to the bigness of God’s Church. Could God bring rich and poor, male and female, black and white, young and old into one community of faith today?

New Year Revolution: Community

Rugged individualism—it’s the ideal that this country was built on. Along with the two year old we proclaim: “I can do it myself!” I don’t need anybody. But the gospel is all about God coming alongside us and fulfilling our need. We need each other. We were created to live together in community, with strengths that bless another’s weakness. The gospel compels us and empowers us to live in community. Sermon Text: Hebrews 10:19-24

The Community

It’s easy to compartmentalize our lives. There’s our church life and then there’s the rest of our life. We fail to realize that our entire life serves as a witness to everyone around us. How can we make the most of the relationships we have with friends, coworkers and our neighbors down the street?