"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons

"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons


Change The Way You Think Of The Church

Reaching milestones in life, such as Confirmation, warrants celebration. But often, these milestones are just the beginning to a new journey. The Holy Spirit works through the Word to bring all of us along the path of maturity. Because of this, we grow in faith and our relationship with Christ every time we engage in God’s Word, making us stronger disciples of Christ and growing the church as a whole. Acts 2:1-4
church, Franklin, WI, Act 2


Peter’s Act I was marked by a cowardly denial of Christ. But his Act II was filled with a courageous sermon that launched the church into the first century. How? The same way that scared, timid Christians find the courage to boldly share the law and the gospel—by the Holy Spirit. Sermon Text: Act 2:1-47

Great Power

We now have power by God’s Spirit to put to death sin in our lives and live to the glory of God. Romans 8:5-17