Sermons on Joy

Sermons on Joy

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Hope Changes Everything

God promises grace to His people, but grace doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy. Sometimes, our lives are going to be difficult. If we are not careful, we will only see life through the lens of our circumstances. However, hope brings about a new perspective and focal point. It allows us to see our lives and our situations from a different perspective. Hope has the power to change everything. Even though in many instances the circumstances do not…
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Joy, Not Pleasure

When our favorite sports teams win, we celebrate. When we complete a major project, we are ecstatic. As we monitor our bank accounts, we find satisfaction when we see the amounts increase. These experiences are full of happiness and pleasure. But we don’t have to feel happy and pleased to experience joy. Joy comes from knowing our eternity is secure in Jesus. Scriptures: Psalm 16:5-11 Sermon Text: Nehemiah 8:10