Sermons from April 2023

Sermons from April 2023

The Miracle of Healing

Because of the corruption and sinfulness of this world, our bodies breakdown and eventually we die. And yet, Jesus sometimes heals our bodies in miraculous ways, pointing us to our final and ultimate healing at the resurrection. In this sermon, we will learn about the miraculous healing of a man who was born blind and how this miracle not only symbolizes physical healing, but also the spiritual enlightenment that comes with belief in Jesus. Sermon Text: John 9:1-12 Preacher: Pastor…

The Miracle of Preserving Life

Jesus not only is the author of life; he also is the preserver of life. The preservation of life is a fundamental value that reflects God’s love for His creation. The Bible teaches us that human life is sacred and should be protected at all costs. This means not only refraining from actions that may harm others, but also actively seeking to preserve and promote life in all its forms. In this sermon, we will understand how Jesus preserves our…

The Miracle of Life

Life has to come from somewhere. Life is a precious gift from God, and it is truly a miracle that we exist in this world. From the moment of conception to the final breath, every moment of our lives is a wonder to behold. As we reflect on the miracle of life, we will explore the beauty of creation and the power of God’s love for us. In this sermon, we will learn how Paul explains how the miracle of…

How do I know Jesus rose from the dead? (Easter)

Have you ever heard of Doubting Thomas? He was one of Jesus’ disciples and was known to doubt aspects of Jesus ministry and resurrection. When Jesus rose from the grave, Thomas stated he would not believe without seeing Jesus and touching his wounds from the cross. He needed to see to believe. Jesus states, “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.” In this sermon we will learn about the countless promises fulfilled, proofs of the resurrection, and God’s…

How do I know Jesus is the Son of God? (Good Friday)

Jesus was mocked while he hung on the cross. People taunted him by saying, “If you are really the Son of God, save yourself.” Sometimes we want God to prove himself to us in the way we think is best. But if God had listened to his mockers, the world wouldn’t have been saved. In this sermon, we will understand that God acts according to his plan, purpose, power and for our salvation. Sermon Text: Matthew 27: 38-44 Preacher: Pastor…

How do I reach God? (Maundy Thursday)

In a world filled with options, distractions, and choices, how do we truly reach God? In this sermon, we will understand that Jesus is the only way to reach God, in fact, He is the way, the truth, and the life. Sermon Text: John 14:5-6 Preacher: Pastor Jim Aderman

How do I know God is Good?

Life is filled with struggles, trails, and pain. Each of these things by themselves are horrific. You may even question God by saying “Why would you let this terrible thing happen?” In this sermon, we will learn about how the struggles, trials, and pain serve a purpose in our lives and how they turn us back to Him. Sermon Text: Romans 5:1-11 Preacher: Pastor Ben Sadler