God & Anger

God & Anger

As he and his people wander the desert, Moses is tired. The walking is exhausting, but even worse is the constant complaining from his people. They don’t trust that the God who rescued them from the Egyptians and parted the Red Sea for them would provide for them as they journeyed to the Promised Land. And so, when God tells Moses to speak to the rock to provide water to the Israelites, Moses’ trust faltered. His anger bubbled over and, instead, he smacks the rock with his staff. God still provides water, but Moses lost an opportunity to demonstrate trust in God.

Relationships sometimes get messy. God teaches us that while we cannot control what other people do and think, we can control what we do and think. Anger leads us to lose blessings. When we lose our tempers, we often lose a whole lot more.

Pastor: Ben Sadler
Sermon Text: Numbers 20:1-12

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