Will only Christians go to Heaven?

Will only Christians go to Heaven?

Being a Christian isn’t just about going to Heaven. It’s about serving and loving others, showing them the love of Jesus and telling them about Him to have an eternal impact on their lives. We know through the faith worked in our hearts by the Holy Spirit that we can look forward to eternity in Heaven with God.

But we still have a lot of questions about eternity. What will it be like in Heaven? Who is going to be there with me – only Christians, or can non-believers go there too if they were good enough or if they didn’t get the opportunity to hear about Jesus? What happens to Christians who commit suicide? To answer these questions, we’ll read Jesus’ words in the book of Luke where he explains the narrow door that must be entered to get to Heaven.

Sermon Text: Luke 13:22-30
Preacher: Pastor Bill Limmer


  1. Ron Reuter

    Thank you pastor Bill. This sermon hit home for me. I have listened to it a couple of times now. I appreciate efforts that went into preparing this. I have so much to learn, thank you.

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