God Strong

God Strong

There are 5 forces that are shaping world events today: 1. Humans are sinning 2. Satan is scheming. 3. Ideologies are warring. 4. Western civilization is unraveling 5. God and his Word will stand strong forever.

A description of some resources to help you battle against #1-4 can be found starting at minute 19 of the video. They are also linked here:

Note: Hot links are in bold

1) Small Steps Facebook Group – find it under “groups” on the Victory facebook page
2) YouVersion – free Bible App with many, many Bible reading plans from reading the whole bible in a year to plans that are specific to families to simple living and so on
3) Your Time of Grace – facebook group and website
4) WhatAboutJesus.com – addresses many spiritual questions you may have, as well as provides an opportunity to sign up for daily devotions delivered to your email.

Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-17


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