New Love

New Love

The Scriptures say that without love we are nothing. Yet, the reality is, without Jesus, we have no idea what love really is. Jesus shows us what real love—committed, unconditional, self-sacrificing love—is and through his sacrifice Jesus pours this love into our hearts.

Scriptures: Exodus 19:2-6; 1 Peter 2:9-12; Luke 7:36-50

Sermon Text:  Luke 7:36-50


My Next Steps

A Thought to Ponder: Even though you and I could never pay the debt of sin we owe to God, that’s what Jesus came to do…and did! This truth should keep me humble. This truth should make me grateful. This truth sets me free to love greatly.

A Treasure to Share: “Record my lament; list my tears on your scroll–are they not in your record?” (Psalm 56:8) Even when you feel all alone, broken down by life, or crushed by guilt…there is Someone who cares—Your Heavenly Father! He invites you to pour out your heart to Him and know that He loves you. He sees your tears. He hears your prayers. They matter. He longs to mend your broken heart with the message of His unconditional love and forgiveness displayed at the cross of Christ.

A Challenge for the Week: What might great love look like in your life… Towards God? Toward your spouse? Your kids? Your Co-workers? Your church family, neighbors, and friends? What would change if you believed you were set free to love greatly? Hint: What grudges, attitudes, and judgments would have to go away?

New Hope


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