The Crisis of Race and Racism

The Crisis of Race and Racism

This week, we’ll take a bit of a departure from the sermon series to examine a global crisis. It was present long before COVID-19, and some people don’t even see it as a crisis. The crisis is racism. Throughout history, groups of people have been isolated, minimized, and shunned because of their skin color or origins. In this message, we’ll look at what God has to say about how we should treat all people in the human race.

Sermon Text: Genesis 1:26-27


  1. Cindy Lukas

    this was an outstanding sermon on race. Is there a way to share the live video link? I would like to copy a lot of people. thanks. In Christ, Cindy Lukas

    • Samantha Goodger

      Hi Cindy – So glad you were touched by the sermon. We will have a video version available to share on Tuesday. Check back soon!

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