Do you know how to spot a scam? Sometimes they’re obvious. Sometimes they’re subtle. One thing’s for sure. Scammers are always adapting.

This Sunday Jesus wants to help each of us learn how to avoid getting spiritually scammed in a world where there are lots of different voices competing for our attention.

We’re going to see how Jesus is our touchstone.

The idea of a touchstone comes from ancient Greece where a touchstone was used to verify if gold coins were legitimate. You would take the gold and scrape it on the touchstone. Because of the properties of this stone the line would be a certain color. The touchstone would tell you if the gold was real, pure and true. And that’s what Jesus is going to help us do to this Sunday.

Because he loves us, Jesus wants to help us avoid spiritual scams by staying close to him—our Good Shepherd.


My Next Steps

Want more? Click here for life application materials based on this week’s message for use in Sheep Squads, home devotions, & other small groups.

Point to Ponder: Staying close to Jesus through his word is the only way to avoid becoming the victim of a spiritual scam.

Treasure to Share: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my my hand. ” John 10:27-28).

Action to Take: We get to know the voice of our Good Shepherd, Jesus, when we spend time daily in his word. Tonight before you go to bed, search the Gospel of John for one verse that speaks to you about how much God loves you. Read it out loud. Write it down. Try and memorize it as you lie in bed letting your mind think about what it means. Then try to recall it first thing Monday morning to start your week following your Savior’s voice!




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