Summer Wrap-up (8/10/2009)

Summer Wrap-up (8/10/2009)

Dear Friends,

What an incredible couple of weeks! First God gave us an absolutely gorgeous day back in July for Hallepalooza!—our community concert / picnic in the park. We had almost 200 people turn out, many of whom stayed through the devotion at the end of the evening. I’m going to post that devotion on my blog on our church website www.victoryofthelamb.com if you’d like to read it. It was a really special day. I got to connect with a number of people whom I haven’t met before and I’m praying that in the future we might be able to connect them also to Christ.

Then this past week we just wrapped up our 3rd annual Soccer Bible Camp at the Polonia Soccer Club. 4 days with 50 kids. Again, we had awesome weather. We snuck it all in before the thunderstorms and muggy weather of this past weekend. Thank you, God! And I can’t say enough about the effort and care of all our coaches and helpers. Our cookout to close the camp on Thursday was definitely a big success too. Almost every soccer camp family stayed. That was awesome! So thank you everyone for coming and especially those of you who helped serve or donate items! A special thank you also to Dan Johnston and Mark Reichert, our summer assistants, who’ve been a huge help all summer long and to all of you who helped to feed, house, or support them with your time, money, and energy.

Our soccer camp is just such a great opportunity for us to show we care about the kids in our community and offer them a unique and fun way to learn not just the game of soccer, but about Jesus. This year’s theme was “He scored – We win” and we got to celebrate His victory more yesterday in worship too. Many of the soccer camp families came to church to hear their kids sing the soccer camp theme song that they learned last week. It was just an awesome service. We had 146 people in attendance—our highest attendance this summer. Our God is certainly an awesome God—but truly because of his grace to us through Jesus. If you weren’t able to make it this past Sunday, all of you soccer camp families are invited to come any Sunday, check out our church, and hear more about the victory of Jesus. If you don’t have a church home where you regularly hear the good news about Jesus, we’d love to have you worship with us.

If you’re on Facebook, you can check out pictures from both Hallepalooza! and Soccer Bible Camp by visiting our church page at www.facebook.com/victoryofthelamb We’ve got over 100 fans now on Facebook so we’re able to have our own URL. We’ll be regularly updating both our website and our Facebook page so be sure and check back frequently for updates and pics.