'13 Reasons' Tagged Posts

'13 Reasons' Tagged Posts

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Dear Friends, Upside down. Sometimes I consider upside down to be good – like in a pineapple upside down cake. Most of the time I don’t consider upside down to be a good thing. Upside down is another way for me to say that things are out of my control. Last week as we began our new series “Ordinary People Extraordinary God” we learned through Gideon that even when things seem upside down, or out of control, or when fear…

Extraordinary God

Dear Friends, “In those days… everyone did as they saw fit.” Sounds like a culture where people maintain that their own unlimited personal autonomy is the only virtue there is. In that way it seems quite contemporary, doesn’t it? Yet would you be surprised to learn that phrase is actually found in the Old Testament book of Judges where it describes what it was like in Israel 3,000+ years ago? This Sunday we’ll journey back to this time of the…