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May 2016

The meeting opened with prayer and a Bible study of Psalm 90. Here, we learned that in contrast to our eternal God, our lives are brief and full of sin. However, our God is compassionate, just, and forgiving. Every day is a new day of his Grace, and each day is a day to do the Lord’s…

Associate Pastor Job Description

CLASSIFICATION: Called SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS Accountable to: Leadership Team through the Lead Pastor Directly Supervises: Small group Bible study facilitators and hosts, confirmation class and teen ministry leaders, various volunteer team leaders, Jesus Cares Ministries volunteers, shepherding team (elders), and Bible study teachers Primary Ministry Areas: Discipleship, Assimilation, Volunteerism, Jesus Cares Ministries POSITION PURPOSE To equip…

March 2016

We opened our meeting on March 14th by studying Psalm 73. Sometimes it appears that the ungodly and the wicked have it better than we do and we may become envious of them. It can be tempting to question God and wonder why He allows this injustice. When our perspective changes, our attitude changes as well. We find…