'Bible Reading' Tagged Posts

'Bible Reading' Tagged Posts

Victory News – January 8, 2021

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, So many things have happened in the last year. Not all those things were bad. One of the things that the pandemic has afforded us is the opportunity to slow down and get a handle on our frantic pace of life. That is one reason why our teaching series to start off 2021 is called Renewed. This is a foundational series that is designed to help us get a handle on our lives. Last Sunday, Pastor…

Victory News – December 18, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Why has the Christmas story captivated so many? It’s not just THAT God came to earth. It’s HOW he came. Just think if Jesus would have been born at West Allis Memorial. Who would want to put that kind of nativity scene in their front yard? Instead, the birth of Jesus is filled with challenges and surprises. Joseph finds out that his fiancé is pregnant, and he is about to call the whole thing off. But…