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'book study' Tagged Posts

Victory News – August 16, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, I want lots of things: summer to last a little longer; something to eat; the College Football season to start; new clothes. We all have wants. Every human being comes into the world needing to feel loved. Often, young people will act out when they are feeling insecure or unloved. They want someone to notice them. They want to be wanted. I have good news. You are WANTED by God. And that is true for everyone.…

Victory News – August 9, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, A funny thing happened while we were in Door County.  We were at a restaurant and they said it would be about a 30 minute wait. But about 10 minutes into our wait, our pager went off.  They asked us if we minded sharing a table. “No, that’s cool.” And so, we set down by and enjoyed a meal together with another family made up of four generations. A funny thing happened at State Fair. We…