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Victory News – February 22, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, Economists talk about bad debt and good debt. Bad debt is when you buy things you really don’t need and charge them to your credit card. Bad debts depreciate in value while you are still paying them off.  Good debt is when you take out a loan to pay for something…

Victory News – February 1, 2019

MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT Dear Friends, What a week, huh? A huge snow storm, followed by an arctic blast of cold, sent nearly the whole state of Wisconsin into a state of shutdown. School and business closures significantly altered or eliminated many people’s daily routines. While this disruption was a wide-spread phenomenon affecting millions of people,…

Victory News – October 26, 2018

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, The Packers and Rams play this weekend. By now, Aaron Rodgers and the team have spent a lot of time studying their play book. Just makes sense, right? As people of God, it just makes sense that you and I would study God’s play book, the Bible, so that we can…