'Financial Ministry Plan' Tagged Posts

'Financial Ministry Plan' Tagged Posts

Victory News July 7, 2017

Dear Friends, Here are a few things that happened at Victory since Pastor Ben wrote Victory News last Friday – in no particular order and there were a lot more – because God is like that!  1. Branches Band and Pastor Ben led us in worship.  You can review, see for the first time, or share his message here. 2. Two children were adopted by God through baptism (yay Aria and Jared!).  3. Some of our teens and leaders decorated…

May 2016

The meeting opened with prayer and a Bible study of Psalm 90. Here, we learned that in contrast to our eternal God, our lives are brief and full of sin. However, our God is compassionate, just, and forgiving. Every day is a new day of his Grace, and each day is a day to do the Lord’s work. God continues to bless our congregation each Sunday. We continue to see more and more new people attend our services. On Mother’s Day, we had…