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Victory News – July 19, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, Are you a list maker? The famous Benjamin Franklin loved to make lists. One of his lists was thirteen virtues that he tried to live by every day. He said that he was making it his goal to reach moral perfection. On his list were things like temperance, frugality, and justice. You can guess what happened. Each day his spiritual scorecard was filled with marks. Not even the great inventor, philosopher, and government leader was able…

Victory News – July 12, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, For whatever reason on Monday during my devotion time, I thought about divine appointments. Divine appointments are when God uses you or me to speak into and influence someone else’s life in name of Jesus. The funny thing about divine appointments is that sometimes we think we are there for the other person, but the other person is the one who is there for us! When you are talking with your spouse, think “divine appointment.” When…