'Friends of Jesus' Tagged Posts

'Friends of Jesus' Tagged Posts

Victory News – December 13, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, In his book Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado writes: “Two people set out to build their homes. The first went to RPF Home Supply (Regrets, Pain, and Fear). He ordered lumber that was rotted by guilt, nails that were rusting from pain, and the cement that was watered down with anxiety. Since his home was constructed with RPF supplies, every day was consumed with regret, pain, and fear. The second builder went to different supplier. She secured her…

Celebrating God’s Generosity

Dear friends, How does your house look? Wrapping paper anywhere? Cookie crumbs decorating your counter-top or even your couch? Pine needles, real or fake, sticking up out of the carpet or like sprinkles on your floor? New toys and new gadgets, here, there, and everywhere? Garbage overflowing? Sink and dishwasher full of dishes? Maybe that is the way your house looks or maybe it’s sparkling clean! Jesus has come into our messy, dirty world and more specifically into our messy,…