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Celebrating God’s Generosity

Dear friends, How does your house look? Wrapping paper anywhere? Cookie crumbs decorating your counter-top or even your couch? Pine needles, real or fake, sticking up out of the carpet or like sprinkles on your floor? New toys and new gadgets, here, there, and everywhere? Garbage overflowing? Sink and dishwasher full of dishes? Maybe that…

What’s Your “Generostory?”

Dear Friends, I’m going to coin a new word. Ready for it? Generosity + Your Story = Your Generostory. What’s yours? What’s your generostory #BecauseofJesus? During our Thanksgiving Eve service we didn’t collect an offering. Instead we gave out 100 envelopes filled with over $2,300 cash for all of you to be able to generously…

Victory News – Shrewd Generosity

Dear Friends, The artwork was first commissioned by Louis XII of France and later owned by Charles I of England. But the “Salvador Mundi” had disappeared and was presumed lost in the late 18th Century. The DaVinci masterpiece reappeared in an auction in 1958. The painting was deemed a copy and sold for just under…