'hero of the week' Tagged Posts

'hero of the week' Tagged Posts

Victory News – May 22, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, With all the concerns of the pandemic and people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, Memorial Day Weekend caught me off guard. And that’s not a good thing. This weekend, we remember the soldiers who were not confined to their homes, but to a foreign land. Confined not to a 4-bedroom home but to a fox hole. Confined not to ordering online or curbside but to hunger as they waited for the canned rations to arrive.…

Victory News – May 15, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Two months into the pandemic, with breaking news and conflicted news, with loss of life and loss of jobs, and with differing opinions, anxiety is running high in the lives of many people. I ran across this chart last week on Christian Family Solution’s Facebook page. I thought I was handling everything well and then I saw this chart. How many of the descriptions in the chart apply to you? I’m glad this chart made me…