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Victory News – June 23, 2017 – Big Problems Bigger God!

Dear friends, Last night the storms came through. I think for most of us that meant lightening, thunder and downpours of rain.  For some in the South, however, those storms meant not only lightening, thunder and rain but also destructive tornadoes and the loss of property and possessions. Sometimes in life, we encounter Big Problems.…

September 2016

September 12th, 2016 6:30-9:30 pm at the Ministry Center Present: Jay Justmann, Wes Andersen, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Pastor Ben Kuerth, Pastor Bill Limmer. We began as Pastor Bill led us in a study of Psalm 97, talking about how comforting it is that “the LORD reigns” no matter what decisions we make and no…

May 2016

The meeting opened with prayer and a Bible study of Psalm 90. Here, we learned that in contrast to our eternal God, our lives are brief and full of sin. However, our God is compassionate, just, and forgiving. Every day is a new day of his Grace, and each day is a day to do the Lord’s…