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Victory News January 26, 2018

Dear friends, Have you ever had one of those days? I had one of those this past week. I went for a run and fell on the ice. I entered my phone number incorrectly to set up a program on my phone. I mean really, who does that? Well, apparently I do that. ☹ And…

Victory News – January 19, 2018

Dear friends, Frozen in time. This past week the South received a heavy dose of snow and cold. Schools were closed. Flights were cancelled. Businesses were closed. Roads were shut down. They were at a standstill. Do you sometimes feel your life is at a standstill? I want to encourage you that when you feel…

Victory News – Jan 12, 2018

Dear friends, In a current Ancestry.com commercial a man thinks he has a German heritage. But after connecting with Ancestry.com he finds out that he is not German at all! He is mostly Scottish and Irish. Satan and our world try to confuse us about our identity too. Do these questions sound familiar: Have you…