'Poulos Family Benefit' Tagged Posts

'Poulos Family Benefit' Tagged Posts

Victory News – Benefit Sunday

Poulos Family Benefit, Sunday 3-6 pm Dear Friends, This afternoon at 4pm, the Franklin High School football team is playing in the D1 state championship game in Madison against an undefeated team from Kimberly. What an exciting opportunity for those football players to compete for the title of state champs! A video was posted online of the team buses pulling out and heading to the big game. I’m guessing though there wasn’t a video of you heading off to work…

Victory News – Busting the ‘Good Person Myth’

Almost 500 years ago, on October 17, 1517 something major took place in Germany when a man named Martin Luther published a document by nailing it to a church door which detailed false teachings and abuses in the church. (This was before blogging!) What happened? The ‘good person myth’ was busted. Consciences were set free. People learned that they were forgiven in the sight of God by faith in Jesus Christ alone apart from their good works. It turns out…