'Quest' Tagged Posts

'Quest' Tagged Posts

Victory News – Chris Driesbach Concert and More!

Dear friends, Pig races, food, food on a stick, the main stage, 30 free stages for entertainment, flavored milk, cream puffs, the midway, expo center, farm animals, crafts, blue ribbons, Alice in Dairyland, people of all ages – these are all things you find at the Wisconsin State Fair. Forgiving the unforgivable, mercy, loving the unlovable, grace, selflessness, servant leadership, grace, mercy, truth in trial, patience, compassion, power, healing, conquering sin, death and Satan, – these are all blessings that…

Victory News – Third Week of February

Dear Friends, God is amazing with his grace.  We are not even good and yet God took away all our sin. This is not fake news, this is GREAT news! In Jesus, grace and truth are perfectly fused. ICYMI – check out my message from last week based on Jesus’ words, “Do not judge.” This Sunday at Victory of the Lamb we are continuing our series What Jesus Said as Pastor Ben leads us to come to Jesus as we…

Victory News – “What Jesus Said”

Hi Friends, It is Super Bowl weekend! The pundits and the experts are telling us who is going to win. ESPN’s staff of writers, editors, analysts, columnists and pundits have made their predictions for the game. The tally: 44 picks for the Patriots and 23 for the Falcons. Whose word can you trust? This weekend Pastor Ben is going to launch us into a new series, “What Jesus Said.” Jesus words are accurate and true. He was not speculating. He…

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