'relationships' Tagged Posts

'relationships' Tagged Posts

Victory News – May 18, 2018

Pastor’s Message Dear Friends, It happened again this morning: I went running and I forgot to take water with me. I remembered when I wasn’t more than 100 yards away from home, but instead of taking the time to go back and get the water, I just kept on going. It worked out okay today, but that is not always the way it is. Sometimes when I am out running, I NEED water, especially when I don’t have it with…

Victory News – May 11, 2018

Pastor’s Message Hello Friends, Have you noticed that moms are real people? What I mean is, moms not only love, provide, protect, and sacrifice; they also fail, struggle, doubt, get tired, sin, and need a Savior. Thankfully, God has provided a Savior for moms and for the rest of us too! I am blessed to have a whole bunch of “mom memories.” And one of those memories is my mom having home devotions with me as a kid.  She still…