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'small group leader' Tagged Posts

Victory News – August 2, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, I used to believe that the goal of life was to die and have my soul go up to heaven. I no longer believe that. The Bible presents a much greater picture of heaven. Heaven is what will happen when Jesus returns. When he returns, Jesus is going to make all things new (Revelation 21:5). When Jesus returns, he is not just going to save my soul; he is going to set all creation free. He is…

Victory News – July 19, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, Are you a list maker? The famous Benjamin Franklin loved to make lists. One of his lists was thirteen virtues that he tried to live by every day. He said that he was making it his goal to reach moral perfection. On his list were things like temperance, frugality, and justice. You can guess what happened. Each day his spiritual scorecard was filled with marks. Not even the great inventor, philosopher, and government leader was able…