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Victory News – October 9, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, We are continuing our sermon series Path to Victory. In this series, we have looked at the practices of the Early Christian Church. This week we will see that the Early Christian Church was devoted to their spiritual growth by reading the Scriptures. So the word we will be focusing on is Grow. Reading the Bible is foundational for your faith. Everything else is built on it. That’s why I’ll be preaching a message on how the…

2020 Staffing Vision

Staffing Assumptions in General (Based on the Leadership Team’s two year studies of “Winning on Purpose: How to Organize Organizations to Succeed in Their Purpose” and “Process Managing Church Growth” as well as extended conversations since the beginning of our church with other churches, conferences, our Mission Counselor, and the District Mission Board) A healthy, growing church optimally has one full-time equivalent staff position for every 75-150 attendees or individuals served by a particular ministry. Despite the variables, the point…