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'victory shirts' Tagged Posts

Victory News – June 5, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, This week, I had a fascinating interview about equality and value with JoJo Moore. I have known JoJo for almost four years.  JoJo is on our leadership team and brings a Scriptural, loving, and practical perspective to present-day issues. You can watch the interview on our Facebook page and YouTube channel tonight at 7:00pm. This weekend, we are going to interrupt our sermon series to talk about what has been on the news for about the…

Victory News – May 29, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, When Pastor Bill and I plan out sermon series, we try to pick sections of Scripture that might connect with what you might be experiencing. As we continue to walk through this pandemic, we thought about places in the Bible that might speak to our current feelings. After quite a bit of discussion, we settled on the stories of Israel in the wilderness. Are you familiar with Israel’s time in the wilderness? Around 1400BC, the Israelites…